We started our annual Graduation Congratulations May 22nd recognizing recent graduates (high school and above). The listof graduates this season is printed in the bulletin. 

Bob Hetzler teaches our Discovery Adult Bible Fellowship on Sunday Mornings. He is currently in Indiana for team meetings at Grace College (he is the West Coast representative for them).

Our missionary partners in the Philippines, Ted & Vivian Ruiz, will be with us on Sunday evening, May 22, at 5:30pm in our Chapel. Join me.

We studied Romans 10 on May 15th in our mini series on GREAT COMMISSION PASSAGES. Kyle Cherryholmes, who is headed to Ireland with YWAM, taught us about BEAUTIFUL FEET.

Wednesdays at 6:00pm I meet with a group of you here on campus for THIRTY MINUTES OF PRAYER. I share a different verse of Scripture and then we pray. The most recent verse I shared was from Numbers 10:35 “rise up Lord and let thine enemies be scattered.” Join me some Wednesday.

Have you ever wondered why Scripture refers to some Christians as “babes in Christ” and to some as “fathers?” Tim Ramos and I will be sharing with you today from the second chapter of the epistle of 1 John.

I would remind you how we are expressing our purpose as a church family: Community Grace Brethren Church is endeavoring to be the family of God together in joyful, Christ-centered worship and is committed to: leading men, women, and children to a personal saving faith in Jesus Christ; building ourselves in the faith on the Word of God; and serving others here and throughout the world.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard