Psalm 90

by Pastor Richard Todd

for the week beginning Sunday, January 7, 2018

We spelled CHRISTMAS on Christmas Eve and then headed off to our homes to celebrate. And here we are back again with one another. Nine of you stood up front with me and shared on Christmas Eve. Remember who stood and shared?  Marta t;hen Haylee then Ryan Jr. then Kyle then Helen then Carolyn then Ryan Sr. then Fernando and finally Derenda.

And what were the words they shared from the Christ story?

C was CHRIST by Marta Becerra

H was for HAPPY by Haylee Todd (my grand daughter)

R was for REJOICE by Ryan Todd Jr. (my grandson)

I was for IMMANUEL by Kyle Cherryholmes

S was for SONG by Helen Fukahara

T was for THREE WISE MEN by Carolyn Peak

M was for MANGER by Ryan Todd Sr. (my son)

A was for ADORATION by Fernando

S was for SAVIOR by Derenda Lackey

As I wrote her name, I realized that some of you have not met Derenda yet. She spelled the last letter on Christmas Eve and chose wisely. S was for SAVIOR. Thank you, Derenda.

Our Grace Connect pastors and missionaries from this region are gathering down in Lakewood  with Pastor Manuel Espinosa at his church campus this coming Tuesday to  pray and encourage one another.

I met with our Whittier area pastors this past Thursday over at Whitttier Area Community Church for the FIRST THURSDAY OF THE MONTH PRAYER. We meet early in the morning at 7:30 for pastors who work to support their kingdom ministry.

The days have been busy already in the new year showing people around our facilities that are searching for a new church campus.

Mark your calendar for January 28th at 6pm for the Southern California CE National Celebration at Norwalk Brethren Church. This gathering is held each January in a different church in our area. Last year we met here.

Our holiday schedule is back to normal as of today. Walking in the Word resumes today at 5:30 in the Chapel. We will be studying Matthew 5.

This could be the year that Jesus returns,

I mean it,

This could be it!

Even so come Lord Jesus.

Pastor Richard