Pastor Richard and his wife, Claudia, have three sons and two daughters (by marriage): Ryan & Vanessa, Riley & Bre and Rory.  All three sons have attended Brethren Christian Schools (the school was part of our church ministry until 2008) through the 8th grade. As of 2015, the Todds have two grandchildren, Haylee and Ryan Jr.

People often ask what a pastor's personal ministry goals are for his church.  Well, here are mine...I have three ministry goals: first, to see believers actually live out their faith; second, to see people of faith lay aside their minor differences, and genuinely encourage and care for one another; and finally, to see Christians penetrate their own personal world and reach the unchurched.  There you have it.  By the way, what are your goals?

Pastor Richard joined the staff of Community Grace Brethren Church in October, 1983, as Associate Pastor and then Senior Pastor in 1987.  He celebrates another year as our Pastor this year.


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