Claudia and I went with a group of you down to Norwalk Grace Brethren Church on January 28th for an evening with Ed Lewis and TK and the CE National team.  This is the one week each year where you can say HELLO to Ed Lewis and the CE National team. While we were there Ed and the team announced that CE National is establishing a West Coast center for Urban Hope at that Norwalk church starting this calendar year.       

We’ve got another SILVER PALACE LUNCH planned for February 18th. Sign up today.

Every February the churches in the Whittier area meet on one Saturday for concentrated and focused prayer. It’s a great idea that God’s people come together for prayer. This year’s Prayer Summit is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 10. The location is the Salvation Army facility on Pickering just north of our church campus on Whittier Blvd. Join me for some prayer during that day.

My pastor friend, Roy Halberg, is planing to travel across the United States on bike during 2018. He and his wife, Andrea, were with us in worship on January 21st. He is planning to raise money for Water for Good on this trip. I’ll let you know the details.

A friend of mine who is a pastor wrote a tribute to the ministry of Pastor Roy who retired December 31st. I’ve put some copies at the Information Center for you to pick up today and read.

This past Monday I headed out with other pastors, missionaries and church leaders from this Southwest area of the country for several days of prayer and study in the Scriptures (up near Lake Hughes).  We call this gathering the SOUTHWEST FOCUS RETREAT as there are similar retreats held in various regions of the United States during the year. Our focus this year was on Creating a Culture of Apprenticeship for Leadership Development.

I have preached sermons on THE PARABLE OF THE SOWER and sermons on THE PARABLE OF THE SEED but I called my sermon of January 28 THE PARABLE OF WHERE IT ALL BEGAN. And rightly so. What God told Adam and Eve, Jesus also told us..

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard