Soup and salad go together but it just doesn’t seem to fit that Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday go together. But it did this year on our calendars. It hasn’t come together on the calendar since 1945 when WWII was in its concluding days. And it won’t be back with us anytime soon.

I want you to know about the Impact Leadership & Prayer Seminar coming up March 13 and 14. Claudia and I attended this seminar in 2017 and learned much. Pastor Dee Duke is from Oregon and only teaches seminars on prayer. This seminar will be held at White-Emerson at Friends and Philadelphia in Uptown.  You can register at or you can pick up an info sheet at the Information Center today.

I hope you see me this morning here on church campus because I conducted a funeral service yesterday at 11am for my uncle near Orlando, Florida. Lord willing, I returned home last evening and am worshipping with you this morning and planning on sharing Sweet and Sour Pork with you at Silver Palace at lunch.

Yes, I was sick this week for two days. Medicine? We took Diana’s advice to eat Wonton soup. And the best can only be gotten from Magic Wok over on Passons. Right?

I hope you can go to lunch with us today at Silver Palace. If you haven’t made reservations and still want to attend, please check with Oralia Alvarado for any openings.

Please take note that Walking in the Word will not meet tonight but will resume on February 25th.

Plan to come together next Sunday, February 25 as a church for a time of sharing about our next steps as a church family.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard