We gave corsages to the moms in attendance with us on Mother’s Day (thank you Mona Castro for your labor of love). Then we asked some of our kids what special name their moms called them by. Some of the names were so special I felt moved to share the special name my mom called me by. You didn’t hear mine? Let’s change the subject.

Our missionary partners in the Philippines, Ted & Vivian Ruiz, will be with us on Sunday evening, May 22, at 5:30pm in our Chapel. Join me.

Our Mother’s Day message of May 8th was titled MOTHER’S OF INVENTION. Tim Ramos and I walked through Proverbs 31 and the description of a godly woman.

Our message today is WHAT DO YOUR FEET AND MINE HAVE TO DO WITH PREACHING THE GOSPEL? It is based on Romans 10.

We will be starting our annual Graduation Congratulations shortly to honor recent graduates (high school and above). Please let us know if there is someone that is part of our church family that needs to be added to the listof graduates this season printed in the bulletin. And I hear that we have a couple MAGNA CUM LAUDES and SUMMA CUM LAUDES

Wednesdays at 6:00pm I meet with a group of you here on campus for THIRTY MINUTES OF PRAYER. I share a different verse of Scripture and then we pray. The most recent verse I shared was the third chapter of the Psalms. It provides a portrait of crying out to God in the midst of great distress. “I call out to the Lord, and he answers me from his holy mountain.” Join me some Wednesday.

Have you ever wondered why Scripture refers to some Christians as “babes in Christ” and to some as “fathers?” Join Tim Ramos and I on May 22nd as we study the second chapter of the epistle of 1 John.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard