Where Is Our Pastor?


by Pastor Richard

for the week beginning Sunday, July 26, 2015

I am at the gathering of ministers/missionaries/church leaders today in the New York City area that ends today. You may have heard about Clayton Kershaw pitching a perfect game into the sixth inning against the Mets in New York a few days ago. I want you to know that I attended the missionary meetings that evening and did not yield to the thought (perhaps even a temptation) of GOING TO THE DODGER GAME just a short subway ride away. I plan to rejoin you tomorrow evening at Concerts in the Park and then open God’s Word with you on Sunday, August 2. 

Tim Ramos will be preaching the morning of July 26 to you in my place.

For more than 20 years there is one person in our church family that has dialed-in my Sunday morning sermons so the rest of you can hear them. He did this job at our former campus on Washington Blvd and at our various rental facilities before we moved in here at 8109 Greenleaf. I am talking about yours and my brother, Henry Pompa. Today is the first Sunday where he is shifting seats in the auditorium to sit with his wife and not sit at the sound board. THANK YOU, HENRY FOR YOUR FAITHFUL YEARS OF SERVICE TO OUR LORD, THIS CHURCH FAMILY AND ME.

The Summer Sunday speaker on July 19 was a newcomer to our speaker roster but not to our church family: Paul White. He introduced himself as THE OTHER PAUL WHITE. Paul spoke from Romans 12.

THOT FROM MY SERMON OF JULY 19 ON THE HOLY SPIRIT: the growing times of your Christian life are those times you are filled with the Spirit. Other thoughts from this message are posted on our church Facebook page.

Remember, you can wear homemade Summer Sunday shirts that count equal with the official shirts. Pick your own color but to be official the shirt must say SUMMER SUNDAY  on the front or back plus anything else you want on the shirt (Your shirt can say more like your favorite Bible verse and how much you love the Dodgers).

The speaker at Summer Sunday today has only spoken to our whole church family once in the last year so you won’t want to miss tonight’s message. Plus tonight is taco night at Summer Sunday.

Claudia and I invite you to join us tomorrow evening and every Monday evening through August 10th for the Whittier Concerts in the Park series. Come enjoy the concerts in OUR FRONT YARD WITH US AND OTHERS (see ad in bulletin for details). This is one of those special times to bring friends and family to meet with others of your church family/community.

Some of the Vacation Bible School pictures are on the monitor in the lobby today. If you are connected on Facebook then you can view more on our church page.

Ryan & Vanessa Todd who shared the SPOTLIGHT with us at our July 19th Summer Sunday. Do you remember Ryan’s favorite flavor of ice cream? And Haylee’s?

Want a personal report from our recent Vacation Bible School? Check with our leader, Diana Sandoval.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard



I visited June Castello at Kaiser Hospital after her successful surgery and she asked me how all of you were doing. Then she sent this message to you.