They Built the City of Nazareth Where Jesus Lived


by Pastor Richard

for the week beginning Sunday, July 19, 2015

Vacation Bible School was extra special this past week as the team built the hometown of Nazareth in our Church Plaza. There was a home structure for each grade level and then there was the home of Mary the mother of Jesus. Each day the students gathered at Mary’s home to hear her tell the stories of the life of Jesus.

The Summer Sunday SPOTLIGHT on July 12 was Mike & Heidi Romero who share that they have been worshipping here at Community for more than 30 years. Our speaker on the 12th was Larry Olguin who spoke from Romans 6-8.

Beginning today, you can wear homemade Summer Sunday shirts that count equal with the official shirts. Pick your own color but to be official the shirt must say SUMMER SUNDAY  on the front or back plus anything else you want on the shirt.

Claudia and I invite you to join us tomorrow evening and every Monday evening through August 10th for the Whittier Concerts in the Park series. Come enjoy the concerts in OUR FRONT YARD WITH US AND OTHERS (see ad for details). This is one of those special times to bring friends and family to meet with others of your church family/community.

Some of the Vacation Bible School pictures are on the monitor in the lobby today. We will plan to show some photos at Summer Sunday later today. And if you are connected on Facebook then you can view more on our church page.

BIG THANKS to Gil the bbq gourmet who grilled up our hot dogs and burgers for bbq nite at Summer Sunday.

Special thanks to Mike Romero who shared his jar of home made Jalapeño chili peppers with us at Summer Sunday (yum yum).

Want more good news from VBS? Check with our leader, Diana Sandoval.

Every summer a group of missionaries, church leaders and pastors that are part of our fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches worldwide meet up for a time of planning, prayer and fellowship. This year the gathering is in the New York area. I will be representing you and our church family at that conference that begins July 22 and continues through July 26. I plan to rejoin you on July 27 at Concerts in the Park and then share with you on Sunday, August 2.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard