When I came and joined you folks as your pastor Mike & Heidi Romero were already part of the worshipping community here at Community with their growing family that ended up including four sons (Aaron, Matt, Devin and Jonathon). We celebrated Mike’s retirement recently and on September 17th we wished them GOD’S BEST as they worshipped with us for the last time here in Whittier before they headed out to their new home in Idaho. When they are with us next they will be visiting from their new home. I have put a “housewarming” card at the Information Centerfor you to sign that we will send them on their new home and church community and chapter in life.

Join our church family for lunch today after the morning service as we spend some time together. I will share an update on our church facilities and future together and answer some of your questions.

We have been studying in the book of Ecclesiastes on Sunday mornings here at Community in recent weeks. Our most recent study was in chapter four where Solomon shared the characteristics of healthy relationships.

Claudia and I headed out of town last Sunday for the week. We returned Friday afternoon and are with you today in worship. Both of us are back in touch with people starting today for me and tomorrow for her.

Rosh Hashanah has just past this week and Yom Kippur begins this coming Friday. I have placed brochures explaining each at the Information Center for you to pick up today.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard



This is the theme of the Jewish holidays ROSH HOSHANNA and YOM KIPPUR as explained by Jewish leaders.