Some of us have been on vacations this summer. Places visited included Zion National Park and Indiana corn fields and the Oregon coast. Who went to which places? See answers below.

I visited Pastor Tom Hughes this past Wednesday, August 9th up in Bakersfield, CA. Tom is now retired and lives with his wife, Wanda, and his oldest son, Thomas, and his family. I shared your greetings and he sends his love to you all.

Don’t come to my former house tomorrow night for Monday Night Concerts in the Park because the Summer 2017 Concerts in the Park have ended. 

The Global Leadership Summit was held this past Thursday and Friday in hundreds of locations around the world. I attended the local gathering at Whittier Area Community Church and sat with Navigator Missionary, Alex Mata. Much good spiritual meat was served up by church leaders from the USA and other countries on what God is doing in His church. I’ll share some of the good stuff with you along the way.

I shared one more message in my series on WHICH PUNCTUATION MARK ARE YOU MOST LIKE on August 6th. I shared from the book of Ruth the comma and five points from that book in the Old Testament: 1 a bitter beginning

2 a surprising encounter

3 a bold plan

4 a dramatic intervention

5 now concludes with a happy ending.

Today, we will be walking through Scripture in Psalm 73 and considering that GOD’S HEAVENLY PLAN DOESN’T ALWAYS MAKE EARTHLY SENSE.

Walking in the Word will next meet on August 30th at 5:30pm.

ANSWERS: Ed & Joyce Faranda and Carolyn Peak and yours truly and his wife and the Sapp family. You decide which family went to which spots.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard