What Did the Pastor Do On July 4th? (7/9/17)

Claudia and I drove our pickup truck to the parking lot at Mulberry and Carmenita around 8pm on July 4th.  All around us people living in LA County neighborhoods were lighting up the sky all around with fireworks. We enjoyed our donuts until 9pm when the good stuff began at nearby York Field. We didn't hear the music they played but we saw the fireworks being launched.  Nice evening worth returning to in 2018.

You may have heard us Todds are moving homes and that is correct. You can get all the details from my wife, Claudia. Our new address beginning July 24th is 14437 Cullen Street, Whittier, CA90603.

Several days ago on Thursday, we hosted the Lead Pastors from the churches in Whittier for morning prayer (7:30am). We meet in a different church each month. Several pastors have wives with serious conditions so our prayer focus was on them and their husbands. Our mayor, Joe Vinatieri, joined us asking for special prayer for our city.

Concert in the Park is tomorrow night at 7pm in the park across from our house. Join Claudia and I in the cool shade.

No news update on Pastor Tom Hughes for July 9th. Just a bit of summer pastor trivia: Our first part-time pastor here at Community was Wayne Flory and he is still walking with the Lord and lives in Lakewood, CA.

My message on July 2nd was from 1 Peter 2 on how to live in our world as it is today. I suggested that 1) God still reigns and 2) victory is certain and 3) the church is still precious amongst the 5 points I shared as we worked our way through chapter 2.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard