I'VE GOT A SECRET (6/11/17)

A certain person came by the church office this week for a surprise visit with Oralia and then myself. This person swore us to secrecy (the good kind) so I can’t divulge any more information at this time. And no, I didn’t share the secret with my wife yet. I hope to be able to reveal the secret to you today.                                                   

We had a special gathering for Mrs. Peak on June 11th. Her sister, Shirley, who lives in Indiana, called in to our group at 3pm and shared birthday wishes to her sister and the crowd that was in our Fellowship Hall. We sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Carolyn then ate birthday cake. Great day! How many candles did we put on her cake?

I shared a WHERE’S WALDO photo as I began the message on June 11th and yes one of you found Waldo. Remember who found him?  I guarantee you that I didn't find him. I have never found Waldo first or even second place in all of my years of searching. I then showed a photo of WHERE’S JESUS and no one found him in the photo. And yes, millions of people are asking today WHERE IS JESUS? We studied 1 Peter 4:12-16, 19 and looked for God in the suffering of His people. My observation was that in our suffering 1) God was nearer that we realized and 2) was stronger than we ever imagined.

Our Father’s Day message is Crucial Lessons for a Wise Father.

Celebrate Father’s Day with your Father if he is present on church campus today by taking a photo with him at the photo booth in the lobby before you head out. We will try to take a photo of you and post it to our church page today.

Concerts in the Park are my invitation to you to join me in the front yard of my house on Monday evenings from June 26 and July and continuing into August.  Arrange your schedule now to come for dinner or dessert or just to enjoy the different style of music that is presented each Monday evening.

And did you notice where our congressional leaders from both parties gathered for prayer this week? I will tell you that it was not at the National Cathedral.

Please take note that Walking in the Word will not be meeting today but will resume on June 25th at 5:30pm.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard