Claudia and I have invited some of our Uptown neighbors to attend the Whittier Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast with us on Good Friday morning. And they just accepted. Speak with Claudia if you would like details on how to reserve a spot for yourself and others. www.whittierprayer.org

Good Friday at noon we will be having a service here on campus. Tim Ramos will be preaching the message. Sheri Elisaldez will be singing the VIA DOLOROSA. A sign announcing the service will be put out covering our church sign in a few days.

Our sermon on March 26th was from 1 Corinthians 12. We walked through the first part of the chapter considering that YOU HAVE BEEN SHAPED BY GOD TO SERVE THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD IN A WAY ONLY THAT YOU CAN.

Many Wednesday evenings I grab a burger or chicken or soup and meet up with Claudia here on campus before Prayer Meeting and Alan meeting and Women’s Bible Study and Men’s Bible Study.  I was told that others notice when we have BBQ or onions or garlic fries and pizza, etc. Want to join us? Let me know and we can work out the details.

Make an Easter season craft this Saturday morning, April 8th, here on church campus. Angela Pompa will be the Craft Director that day. Activites start at 11am.  See announcement in bulletin for details.

Please take note of the Easter season events on the other page in this bulletin.

He is Risen,

Pastor Richard