We started out the week when Lynn Sapp and I met with a solar consultant. We might be able to reduced our electrical expenses by 20%. Tuesday we had the LA County voting precinct that operated in our Plaza. On wednesday we had Prayer Meeting and Men’s Bible Study and Women’s Bible Study plus Alanon meeting here on campus. Thursday we hosted the Planning Team for the Whittier Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast. And Friday is when I am writing this note to you.

The Whittier Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast will be held on Good Friday morning at 6:45 just up Greenleaf at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel. Andy Bales, Director of the Union Rescue Mission, is the speaker this year. Find out more about the Prayer Breakfast and getting tickets at www.whittierprayer.org

Sharon Henry called me two days ago (on Friday) and shared that Max was in Mercy Hospital in Redding, CA. He had a heart attack Thursday and is slowly recovering. I have a get-well card for you to sign today that we will mail afterwards.

Our annual men’s retreat April 28-30. Sign up with Adam Landrum or Sheri Elisaldez right away.

Tim Ramos brought the heat of God’s Word on March 5th by speaking from Genesis 27 on the man we formally know as Jacob.

And our missionary partner, Kyle, is home for a few days for a family funeral.

Have you heard the saying that goes: MUCH PRAYER, MUCH BLESSING, LITTLE PRAYER, LITTLE BLESSING, NO PRAYER, NO BLESSING? Sign up for the Impact Prayer Seminar that will be March 21-22. Registration cards are at the Information Center in the Lobby.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard