I shared with you on December 3rd about the CHRISTMAS TRUCE that happened on Christmas Eve during the first World War in 1914 and the miracle that happened in the trenches in Europe. I have a copy of the book that tells that simple yet miraculous story which I have placed at the information Center today for you to stop and review.

I am looking forward to our Christmas lunch at Marie Calendars today. Claudia and I will meet you over there (La Serna Marie’s) after this mornings service.

Today is the second Sunday of Advent. Each Sunday before Christmas day one of you families will share the Advent theme of the week, share a Scripture portion and lead us in prayer. Don’t miss any of these Advent times with the final presentation being our Christmas Eve service. Matt Pompa, our worship leader, and Tori Bates, led us in December 3rd’s advent observance.

Our Alanon group that meets on Wednesday evenings is having a dinner and speaker this Wednesday evening in our Plaza. Let me know if you want to join the gathering.

The pastors in our city meet here in our Plans this past Thursday for their monthly prayer meeting. Thank you to those of you who joined in and helped me set up for the event.

I enjoyed our gathering at Ed & Joyce Faranda’s Christmas yard light display (Gena also contributes) just last night. Put their house address on your LET’S GO SEE SOME CHRISTMAS LIGHTS list. The lights are co-ordinated with music and a message that you hear on your FM car radio. They live at 5203 Ashworth Street in Lakewood. If you can’t drive to see the dancing lights, then go to “dancing with lights” on Facebook and get a glimpse of what they are doing. The music includes songs that you will never hear at Starbucks because they proclaim the Savior’s birth plus a reading of the Luke 2 account and also a lighting of the Advent candles. All that in their front yard.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard