REVIVE US AGAIN (10/23/17)

“REVIVE US2” is an event for Christians across our country that is being held in many locations this Tuesday, October 24. Look up the title on the internet for details of a local gathering in our area.

I met with Sally Rojas and her family this past Wednesday at Olive Lawn Cemetery in LaMirada for prayer in the passing of Alice Rojas.

This past Thursday I spent the day with a group of our California and national leaders in the city of Orange. We discussed outreach and church planting in Southern California. Pastor Jeff Bogue, who pastors 7,000 people in Akron, Ohio was part of the group. I met Pastor Jeff and Tom Avey at 9:30pm that same evening to show them our church campus. All they said was, “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE!”

We tackled the tenth chapter of Ecclesiastes on October 15th and discovered the origination of the phrase of “a little birdie told me.” Today, we move on towards the end of the book.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard



a friend ours has been a Cleveland Indians baseball fan for many years. After the Indians were eliminated from the baseball playoffs the other day she announced these words to her social world.