Welcome to Back to School Sunday today. I want you to know who is in school from Preschool to Graduate school.  And we want to pray for you all at the start of this academic year.

It was good being with a group of you at Chris N Pitts on September 18th celebrating Patty Morris being with us. It was a special day having our missionary partner with us IN-PERSON. Patty is now back in France.

Claudia and I enjoyed being at the Pastor’s Conference at Hume Lake Christian Camps this past week. One of the speakers is working on a which is a series of videos on every book of the Bible (approximately 5 minutes each). Solid stuff. Check it out on YouTube (and they are free, free, free). Hume Lake Camps are almost 7 hours from home and Claudia and I enjoy the drive up there and back talking and listening to podcasts, etc.

JUST WANTED YOU TO KNOW: Us Whittier Pastors get together monthly for prayer and encouragement. We also work on BIBLE AND SOCIETY issues where we study Scripture and discuss how we develop guidelines for living godly lives. We are meeting this coming Thursday at Zoe Christian Fellowship over on Mills where Ed Smith is Pastor.

And yes, Claudia and I have been catching just about all the Dodger games broadcast by Vin Scully leading up to his last game (this being 67 years of broadcasting for him).

We opened Scripture on September 18th to Colossians 1 and considered how we become grounded spiritually. We saw the first insight to be grounded in the Word. We consider another principle of being grounded in our faith today as we continue in the book of Colossians.

Fall time change is coming on Sunday, November 6th.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard