A group of our college students and young adults are up at Forest Home for a Willing Workers Weekend that is ending just about now as you are reading these words. This means they are serving as Forest Home staff for the weekend in the dining hall. I am so proud of our people in that Forest Home just contacted us the other day with an emergency request to help them out. Sheri spoke with our group and they came together to help out. They return to Whittier this afternoon.

Patty Morris, our missionary partner serving in France, will be with us briefly on September 18. She will be giving a report at 9:30am in Mrs. Peaks class (all gals welcome). She will also be with us for a report in our worship service at 10:45. Plan on joining the group for lunch at Chris N Pitts (its Dutch treat except for our guest).

I meet with a local group of Pastors and missionaries from the Whittier area regularly. I also meet with a group of pastors and missionaries from Southern California regularly and this second group is now called the GRACE LEADERS NETWORK. Many of us are connected with CE National and Encompass World Partners and are with the Grace Brethren Fellowship of churches. The Grace Leaders Network are meeting this coming Tuesday at Bellflower Brethren Church where Tom Avey will be sharing with us.

Tim Ramos taught from 1 Samuel 14 on September 4th. Today, we will be opening Scripture to Psalm 10 in looking for hope in the face of terror.

Walking in the Word resumes today at 5:30pm in the Chapel. I am the regular teacher. Join me. We go verse by verse through the Bible.

Men’s Fellowship and Women’s Bible Study resume this Wednesday.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard