I send my greetings to you from Toronto, Canada where I am worshipping today along with many missionaries and church leaders from churches in the USA and Canada and the uttermost parts of the earth. I am jotting my thoughts to you from Underground Toronto (think Cerritos Mall and Brea Mall combined but underground).

Today, Friday, is the birthday of Ed Lewis. Our church in Whittier is host to many friends of Ed Lewis but only a few of us knew Ed WAY BACK WHEN. I am now calling it B.C.E. (figure it out?). Several hundred of us are heading over to watch the Toronto Bluejays baseball game tonight where I hope they will sing to Ed during the seventh inning stretch.

The Backpack Giveaway is coming up in a few days. We join with a group of people reaching out to neighborhood families with school supplies for kids that attend school nearby us. We are the closest church to the park where the event occurs (Greenleaf and La Cuarta). Speak with Oralia for ideas in helping out.

We gathered for Summer Sunday on July 17th for BIBLE Q&A NIGHT (that’s questions and answers). One of the questions asked for BIBLICAL GUIDANCE FOR PRAYER IN THE UPCOMING ELECTIONS. Another question was BIBLICAL INSIGHT INTO THE QUESTION OF SECURITY in this world. One of the lighter questions was WHERE WAS JESUS BORN? Plus other questions.

I miss being with you in worship today. I enjoyed sharing from Colossians 4:2-6 with you on July 17. We considered that God wants us to do three things PROPERLY. Do you remember them? Look at the passage again for some review assistance. Summer messages usually stand alone and not a series with your vacation schedules and mine and this conference of churches that I attend each July. By the way, Bob Hetzler is here with me and sends his greets to you.

Tim Ramos is bringing the heat from God’s Word to you today. And then Kyle Cherryholmes will be preaching his last message in Whittier for a while as he leaves for ministry in Ireland in August.

Esperanza Fellowship (we meet on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the Fellowship Hall) has begun a study in the Old Testament book of Judges and I will miss chapter one today.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard