We are taking a look today at the people God uses from Colossians 4.  These are some of the folks that helped the Apostle Paul in his missionary journeys. There are some principles in that chapter for you and I to take note of and put to work in our lives.

Take note of the special Easter season events here at Community that include communion on March 20 and a Good Friday service here on campus.

TruthQuest is a Bible discovery system designed to equip people to continue the journey of Bible learning for the rest of their life. Even more than that, Truth Quest is also intended to help them people introduce this life-long journey process to others who can in turn do the same. It is hard to find something that not only teaches others, but can easily reproduce and multiply into the lives of succeeding generations. TruthQuest is designed to do just that. I have put a brochure at the Information Center for you to read. Contact me if you are interested in participating.

Claudia and I were in Phoenix this past week to cheer our Dodgers when they played the White Sox in Spring Training. We were with Ed & Debbie Waken who also cheered for the Dodgers since they live in Phoenix but grew up in here in Los Angeles. The Dodgers won the game (remember that it is Spring Training and the games don’t count towards regular team stats). Ed and Debbie were part of our church family here at Community a number of years ago. I am excited over the work God has given Ed as he Pastors Valley Life Church in the Phoenix area ( Got any people looking for a church in that area? Tell em about Valley Life.

We have a church family business meeting on Sunday, March 13, shortly after the conclusion of the morning service.

Our church kids are preparing some special songs and words to share with us as we look forward to Palm Sunday on March 20 and also on Easter Sunday on March 27.

We continued our series on GROWTH IN THE FAITH on February 29th when we looked at the words of Jesus in John 15 on LIVING THE LIFE OF A BRANCH.

GUYS: see Larry Olguin today and make your payment for the Men’s Retreat.

GALS: Get your hubbies signed up for the Men’s Retreat today. Don’t wait.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard