Happy Birthday ShoutOuts (11/27/16)

Yes, we have a few birthday shoutouts today for those whose birthdays are today and who come together in worship. We don’t sing to them but we shoutout to them.  



The special Sundays of Advent begin today, November 27, and continue through Christmas Eve. Each Sunday before Christmas day one of you families will share the Advent theme of the week, share a Scripture portion and lead us in prayer. Don’t miss any of these Advent times with the final presentation being our Christmas Eve service. Mike & Heidi Romero are sharing today Plus different people in the coming weeks.    

THANK YOU GALS for how pretty our church looks today with the decorations of advent. A group of you came out the day after Thanksgiving to DINE N DECORATE and ate home made chili then decorated our main public places. My “grands” and I made a Starbucks run for dessert (“grands” are my grandkids).

Today, Claudia and I are out of the area for an early Christmas celebration with the Todd clan. Our families are involved in a number of churches and end up selecting one Sunday each holiday season to gather and celebrate.

Tim Ramos will be bringing the heat from God’s Word today. I trust notes will be posted afterwards on our church Facebook page.

Get your Daily Breads that begin December 1st on the table in the Lobby. A big stack of them were taken by people in our community that came to our Plaza to vote on Election Day.

Please take note of the December Sunday morning schedule of services. Which days Walking in the Word meets and which days Sunday Schools will be optional.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard