Claudia and I are getting away for a few days starting tomorrow, October 10th, to celebrate our anniversary. We will be right here with you in worship next Sunday, October 16th. But in between we are heading up towards Morro Bay and “cool” weather. And what did Frank Castello say? He told me a while back that he and June never thought about being married this many years….it just happened as they walked with the Lord and each other.

Tim Ramos opened God’s Word on October 2nd with us. He taught from Romans 1:20 on the topic of NO EXCUSES. I remember him asking IS HE YOUR GOD!

October 16th Tim Ramos and I will be speaking from Scripture on the upcoming political election. The title is THINKING BIBLICALLY ABOUT GOVERNMENT (what God has to say about politics). I want you to consider these biblical principles from God’s Word as you pray about the various matters before you as you head to the polls in November.

The Jewish “feast of the Lord” of Rosh Hashanah has just been observed this past week.The Jewish calendar reminds us that the following "feasts of the LORD" will take place soon:

YOM KIPPUR - October 12, 2016

SUKKOT (Feast of Tabernacles) - October 17-25, 2016

I have prepared some brochures explaining about Yom Kippur and placed them at the Information Center for you to pick up today.

Great picnic last Sunday, October 2 with absolutely great weather. And great fried chicken and grilled chicken (I had to sample both). And great potato salad (and yes, I sampled both). And great home made chocolate chip cookies by Heidi Romero (I indulged a little). And the pies, yes I think I sampled all of them. And great games, especially the Dodger bean bag toss. Pictures from the picnic are on the monitor in the lobby for today.

Pictures from the picnic are also on our church Facebook page. The Father-Son retreat photos are also on the church Facebook page.

I want you to know that a GOOD Halloween tract is a winner when you give a piece of candy out. I have put some of my favorites out on the table in the lobby today. Take ten per person. You can still order this week and get delivery by the 31st. My all time favorite is A HALLOWEEN QUIZ (sold from tract company and also through Amazon).

My message to you on October 9th is JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE RETURN OF JESUS from 1 Thessalonians 5.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard