Today is the last day for me to remind you to use every day of the year to witness and share your faith, INCLUDING HALLOWEEN EVENING. Remember the Psalm that says THE EARTH IS THE LORD’S AND THE FULNESS THEREOF.

I always appreciate when people remind me about the upcoming time change each spring and fall. I like the fall time change where we set our clocks backwards but I don’t look forward to the payback event in the spring where we lose an hour. Nevertheless, the MOVE YOUR CLOCKS BACK TIME CHANGE is coming this next weekend. A word to the wise….

Plan how you want to share the gospel on Halloween evening if you are giving out candy. I have some special attractive tracts we will use at our house that are a good read for elementary age kids. I have put some tract samples for you on the table in the lobby. Speak with my wife, Claudia, or the church office if you want to purchase one or more packs of 25 tracts in each pack. Cost is $5 for each packet of 25 tracts.

Tim Ramos was out of state for a memorial service on Sunday, October 23rd and is back with us today. He and I shared an INTERSTITIAL MESSAGE on GOD AND GOVERNMENT AND THE BIBLE on October 16th. We will be continuing with part 2 of that series today. 

My message on October 23rd was from James 4:7-10 and was titled WHAT WOULD A SPIRITUAL AWAKENING IN AMERICA LOOK LIKE? I shared a list of what our lives and church and city and state would look like if a revival came into our midst. My first point was to share that we would all be very aware of the presence of God in our midst should a revival come on us all. I ask you today and I asked during that sermon ARE YOU AWARE OF GOD’S PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE? Is God tapping you on the shoulder? The message was recorded and is posted on our church website for you to listen to. Go to whittierbrethren.org/media to listen to the audio.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard