What time is our worship service?


by Pastor Richard

for the week beginning Sunday, August 16, 2015

The number one thing newcomers to churches look for on a church website is the worship service times. We re-designed our website recently and guess what we overlooked? Yes. We did not insert the worship service times. A newcomer called us here on campus a few days ago and I answered the phone. The man wanted to know the worship service times. I told him and he explained he would not have called if the website had the times listed. OUR WORSHIP SERVICE TIME IS LISTED ON THE WEBSITE NOW.

Monday night Concerts in the Park have finished for summer, 2015. Claudia and I enjoyed having many of you at our house. I am already looking forward to 2016.

I invite you to come together this Saturday at 4pm for the memorial service for Vicki Haglund. She was with us such a short time of her 66 years.

THIRTY MINUTES OF PRAYER. Join me at 6pm here on campus every Wednesday for 30 minutes of prayer. Each week I share one Bible passage on prayer. Our most recent passage was Psalm 145:18 that says THE LORD IS NEAR TO ALL WHO CALL UPON HIM.

Summer Sunday speakers for August 9th were Sam Becerra who spoke from Romans 4 and then Fernando Becerra who gave us his report from his summer ministry in Philadelphia.

Summer Sunday speakers for tonight, our final speaking sessions will two friends I have invited: Pastor Roy Halberg and Whittier Mayor Pro-Tem, Joe Vinatieri.

And our end of summer baptism service is next Sunday, August 23 after the morning service. It’s gonna be a special day and afternoon. 

Buy your tickets today for our annual trip to the Quakes ball game on August 29. Tickets are $10 each (same price for adults and kids). Game time is 7pm. See Ryan Todd or Claudia to purchase your tickets.

We are continuing our message today from Revelation 2-3 SEVEN MESSAGES FROM SEVEN CHURCHES FOR YOU AND I.

Stay cool,

Pastor Richard