Our Waiters Work For Tips Only


by Pastor Richard

for the week beginning Sunday, July 5, 2015

 THANK YOU for tipping our youth at Summer Sundays for their service to you. They come at 4:30ish and set up for you so you can come at 5:30 and eat dinner. There are jars on each table. June 28  you tipped approximately $62. All of these monies will go towards youth group events.

Remember that HAPPY BIRTHDAY greeting we recorded for our missionary partner, Patty Morris on June 28? We delivered it to her electronically that same day which was her birthday.

Vacation Bible School begins in one week. Join the team in the way you can help most. Stop by the Information Center today and sign up to help. We plan to have a dedication of Diana and her team next Sunday morning.

We concluded our Graduation Congratulations on June 28 congratulating Andy and Lindsey Leonette in graduating from the same university on the same day with each of them receiving the same degree.

Summer Sundays began June 28. We enjoyed some of the best fried chicken I’ve had in a long time. And I like my Knott’s chicken. Claudia and I share on the first Summer Sunday so we gave a survey of the book of Romans. Do you remember which verse in Romans 10 Claudia shared with her mother that was the process leading to her mom’s salvation? We then had some great desserts (I liked that minty cookie with a dollop of something on top that Heidi Romero brought). I liked quite a few side dishes that you brought…that cabbage coleslaw was good too. Come today for a good speaker.

Claudia and I invite you to join us tomorrow evening and every Monday evening for the next six weeks for the Whittier Concerts in the Park series. Come enjoy the concerts in OUR FRONT YARD WITH US AND OTHERS. This is one of those special times to bring friends and family to meet with others of your church family/community. I’ve put a few maps showing the route to our house at the Information Center. Plenty of parking.

Our Scripture study on July 5th will be in Acts 1 and titled WAITING FOR THE LORD TO SHOW UP.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard