We played some serious games at the Church Picnic on October 4th. What games did we play? How about DONUT and COOKIE and ELECTRICITY. I was told the new game for 2016 is ROWBOAT. I played DONUT where you eat the donut the fastest and you win. I played against Malachi Landrum (not Malachi Cortez) and Haylee Todd and others. The winner? Kamila Sandoval beat me. I think I was second place but I ate only one donut while the other boys had to eat two donuts (something about PASTORAL EXEMPTIONS).

The Scripture message on October 4th was a one time event by first Larry Olguin, then Andy Leonette and the closer (like in a baseball game) was Tim Ramos. The title of the message was SIMPLY CHURCH.

Some of you posted on Facebook photos of our picnic in the Plaza on October 4th. You can see some of those snapshots on the monitor in the lobby today.

Claudia and I say thank you for your expressions of love at our annual church picnic on October 4th. We cherish the pictures of you and your love for Jesus and love for one another. We know your love for us too and feel it in our hearts. We are putting your love gift away for a special occasion that we haven’t decided on yet. Stay tuned.

Claudia and I also celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary on October 9th. Can’t believe it. Where did the years go?

Plan now how you want to share the gospel on Halloween evening. I have some special attractive tracts we will use at our house. If you want to order a quantity I suggest you go to crossway.org/tracts and order their tract titled, “A Halloween Quiz.” I have put some samples for you on the table in the lobby. One per person. Contact me or the church office if you want to purchase a quantity.

God’s best to you,

Pastor Richard